The Strategic Learning approach focuses on the three adult stakeholder groups that impact a child’s learning environment: parents, teachers and administrators. Our skilled facilitators provide a variety of high quality workshops and on-site support services. All SLI services are based on proven, high performance strategies that have been continuously improved over many years.

Family Engagement

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The successful engagement of parents in their children’s education is one of the essential supports research shows is necessary if a school is to fully recognize it’s potential. Parents and caregivers play a critical role in a child’s learning. As the first teachers of their children, they have the primary responsibility for their child’s early learning.

The SLI Family Engagement Program gives families the information they need to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence required to help their children learn at home. Through a series of two-hour interactive, hands-on workshops, families get specific information and strategies they can use at home to enhance educational interactions with their child.

Our work is guided by the research and support of Drs. Joyce Epstein of Johns Hopkins University and Joseph Sparling of the University of North Carolina.

Our Family Engagement Program Includes:

  • Workshops for families with children in grades K-8 that focus on reading, math, self esteem, science, core reading standards, bullying and much more
  • Early Childhood Workshops for parents with children 3-5 years of age that focus on literacy, movement, reading, math, science and more
  • Workshops are conducted in both Spanish and/or English

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Shared Leadership

SLI’s Shared Leadership Team is composed of former principals who have been successful in turning around many Chicago and suburban schools. They have worked to develop school leadership by:

  • Building leadership teams that help shape and support schools across a network
  • Offering principals coaching on such issues as instructional strategies, working with teams, budgeting, building a culture of trust, human resource issues and time management
  • Developing high performance grade level teams
  • Planning and facilitating school site visits and principals’ conversations in order to enhance shared leadership across the schools and networks.
  • Assisting with development and review of school action plans.
  • Facilitating quarterly process checks and enabling school leaders to network with their colleagues to share strategies
  • Maintaining open communication with district officials

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Professional Development

The Strategic Learning approach provides in-school support and coaching for teachers, including assistance with:

  • One on one coaching
  • Workshop based training
  • Formative and summative assessment
  • Data organization and analysis
  • Common Core calendars across grade levels and schools
  • Focused lessons and resources
  • Re-teaching and enrichment time for RTI support
  • Lesson modeling and design
  • Site visits to view best practices in other classrooms

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